Bodmin Masterplan


Developing the town of Bodmin.

This investment developed a vision and masterplan for Bodmin, to support the development of guidance for the nature and location of future development within the town.

The Masterplan aims to:

  • Achieve balance between housing, employment, community facilities and other infrastructure.
  • Provide a range of good quality, well-paid jobs for the local workforce.
  • Establish and generate a higher level of investor interest, confidence and commitment to innovative development in Bodmin.
  • Achieve high quality urban and architectural design.

Workshops with local residents and businesses identified key objectives for Bodmin. Key elements of the Masterplan, including the strategic aims and the economic aspirations, have been incorporated into key planning documents by Cornwall Council, which will guide future planning policies for the town.

Details of the priorities for Bodmin can be found in the Masterplan (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) and also through Cornwall Council.