Camborne Pool Redruth East-West Link


Provision of improved highway infrastructure in the CPR area including a new ‘East West’ route, enabling a number of strategic development sites to be ‘unlocked’.

The Camborne Pool Redruth East-West Link project is designed to relieve traffic on the existing A3047, hence alleviating congestion, providing an improved environment for residents, and enabling economic growth.

The route will form a link from Dolcoath to Dudnance lane and from Dudnance to Wilson Way; the link is designed to provide relief to the East Hill junction which is a block to further development.

The programme of works consists of the following eight elements:

   1) New roundabout at Wilson Way

   2) New link from Station Road to Wilson Way ( 560m)

   3) New signalised junction at Penhallick Road

   4) New signalised junction at Heartlands Park

   5) New link form Dudnance Lane to Dolcoath ( 1100m)

   6) New bridge / viaduct across the Red River

   7) River works and environmental mitigation measures

  8) Pedestrian/cycling shared paths on both sides of the route

Completion of the Camborne Pool Redruth East-West Link project will eventually enable 7,660 new homes and 85,000m2 of workspace to be developed.


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