Coaching for High Growth (Provided by Oxford Innovation)

Business support

Many businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, lack in-house expertise and resources. This project was designed to support growing businesses at a crucial time.

The project aimed to increase the stock of strongly growing SMEs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly through the provision of a programme of intensive coaching and assistance.

This was available to all businesses with high growth potential and not just those who were considered technically innovative or focused on bringing a new idea to market. The purpose is to assist firms to build their inherent capabilities and achieve accelerated growth, meeting short and medium term business goals.

High Growth Coaching involves the coach helping businesses to assess their performance against and then set action plans against 7 core themes as part of the growth process. These core themes included:

Performance Benchmarking
Market Understanding 
Intellectual Property
Investment Readiness
Skills of the Workforce
Leadership and Management

Continuing as: Combined High Growth Convergence Programme along with Starting a High Growth Business

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