Combined High Growth Convergence Programme (Grow Cornwall provided by Oxford Innovation)

Business support

Oxford Innovation delivers the Coaching for High Growth programme offering intensive coaching support for new and existing entrepreneurs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Businesses supported through this investment

The programme covers all eligible businesses from start-up to established enterprises through a predominantly coaching based service. Oxford Innovation has a highly successful track record in Cornwall having already run the Coaching for High Growth and Starting a High growth Business projects – collectively known as GrowCornwall.

Oxford Innovation has a team of highly experienced coaches, all with backgrounds of proven commercial success, available to support businesses with ambition, seeking to grow and thus drive forward the economy of Cornwall. This programme gives each business access to coaches who will enable them to tap into extensive expertise and knowledge networks that will facilitate rapid growth.

The team brings a new perspective to a business and helps with specific issues such as growing businesses through a step change, refining business models, identifying new markets, sourcing new technologies, extending geographical reach and building teams. The coaching team can also support a range of issues from developing a business plan and securing funding to identifying new markets, building a team and developing new products and services. For more information:

More than 2,000 jobs have been created or safeguarded by Cornwall businesses participating in the programme since 2009, which has so far provided support to more than 400 businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. These businesses have created over 1,470 new jobs, protecting a further 680.

Another indicator of the effectiveness of the programme is the increase in Gross Value Added (GVA) which measures the total value of goods and services provided by participating companies. Latest figures show GVA has increased amongst the programme participants by more than £33m.

 Radix Communications

“I would recommend the Coaching for High Growth programme to anyone who has set up a business and wants to grow it further. I was new to running a business, so the coaches’ expertise has been invaluable. Their help has sometimes been very specific – like showing us how to produce a cash-flow forecast – and has sometimes been more about offering general support and encouragement." Fiona Campbell-Howes Radix Communications

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