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Development of a robust Technical File for the Searaser wave energy device in order to raise funding for a pre-production prototype trial in Cornwall.

Dartmouth Wave Energy Ltd has developed a market leading Wave Energy Converter device – ‘Searaser’.  It operates on the basis of positive displacement, pumping pressurised seawater ashore through an accumulator or onto a sea anchored rig (or a combination of these) to produce electricity on demand. 

This project will build on work to develop a robust Technical File in order to undertake the first two phases of its Technology Roadmap.  In conjunction with GL Garrad Hassan (GH), Dartmouth Wave Energy Ltd will undertake two key areas of work as building blocks for the future development of its device:

  • Phase 1: Definition of Design Basis and Design Load Cases

This will involve determining the environmental conditions expected at the intended deployment location (Wave Hub), which are used to inform the design of the machine.  A set of Design Load Cases need to be identified for the load calculation exercise. 

  • Phase 2: Load Calculation Report/Wavedyn Modelling

DWE and its consultants will use modelling software to estimate the loads on the Searaser, under the design load cases identified above. 

A successful project will allow DWE and its key investor, Ecotricity Ltd, to continue to develop the Technology Roadmap.

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