East Hill Junction

Preparing for infrastructure

The project involves the construction of a single track carriageway (including pedestrian pathways) to provide improved route access to Cornwall College’s Camborne site from Tovaddon Road through to Pool Innovation Centre at the entrance with Trevenson Road.

Modifications in vicinity of Penhaligon Building.

This is the installation of an additional speed control hump to slow traffic at the pedestrian crossing point.

Penhaligon Car Park to College Internal Road

This will enable access from the Penhaligon Car Park to the main site road and eliminate the need for traffic to return to Tolvaddon Road and re-enter the College Site from Trevenson Road via the East Hill junction. These works comprise clearing an area of 475m2 mixed vegetation, hedge and replacing with approximately 50 linear metres of roadway and two footpaths.
Footway at Northeast End of Old Sports Field.

Construction of a new footway parallel to the existing road on the field side of the fence. This will enable segregation of pedestrians and vehicles necessary due to the expected increase in vehicles likely to use the existing road. The works comprise construction of approx 70 linear metres of footpath.
Link Road adjacent to Trevenson House

This involves the demolition of an existing site services building (a low quality concrete block single storey structure) and construction of a new single carriageway surface in its place linking into the existing college road network at either end. This will allow access to the main college site road that connects with the PIC parking area and the main college car park. The works comprise approx 500m2 of site clearance followed by approx 75 linear metres of single carriageway.

North Eastern end of Trevenson Lane

The installation of lockable bollards to prevent traffic using Trevenson Lane as a shortcut between Church Road and Tolvaddon Road.
The work also includes footpath widening from the Tolvaddon Road and Trevenson Lane junction in order to make it suitable as a shared pedestrian/cyclist path. This work is included in the planning application but does not form part of the project costs.
The project will undertake initial site clearance including the demolition of minor structures as well as alterations to existing drainage to accommodate the improved road layout. Where alterations to hedges and trees are affected, these will be reconstructed with the same traditional materials and re-planting carried out with native species.