Envision Phase 3

This project has delivered Envision under EU Competitiveness for a period of 10 months.

The project has been an extension of Envision’s activities funded under ERDF Objective 2 as well as continuation of the BREW funded Envision 2.2 project (Envision 2 and Envision 2.2 completed on 31 March 2008).

The delivery model for this phase was based on extending existing agreements with Envision partners; Groundwork Devon and Cornwall, Envolve, Global Action Plan, Rezolve Kernow, Community Energy Plus and Cornwall Business School.  

The services provided by Envision were aimed at increasing the productivity and competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the South West region through a tailored programme of audits, training and mentoring support.

This project targeted 401 SMEs with advice and assistance towards improved business resource efficiency in the following areas:

  1. Bottom Line Efficiency Savings – reducing operating costs thus allowing monies to be released for development and growth.
  2. Staff Culture Change – adopting smarter ways of running a business through enhanced environmental resources and accreditation.
  3. New Business Opportunities – highlighting new market opportunities for products and services.

Through Envision, SMEs will have access to a wide range of support modules delivered by organisations with accredited skills and knowledge. These include:

  • Envision Audits – baseline assessments which identify the needs and requirements of the business;
  • Mentoring – on-going support to enable SMEs to develop management plans and strategies to attain greater efficiency and competitiveness;
  • Awareness Raising – workshops designed to motivate staff and employees to enable initiatives to be taken forward in improving environmental performance;
  • Specialist Training – skills development and knowledge on issues such as waste management, transport planning, environmental regulations and climate change;
  • Environmental Accreditation – enhancing marketing opportunities through recognition of achievement in quality environmental standards.