Infrastructure Design and Sustainability

HE Infrastructure

The purpose of the IDSS project is to provide infrastructure planning and design for roads, services and landscaping. for all subsequent Combined Universities for Cornwall Phase 3 Hub development encompassing the Academy of Research and Innovation, the Performance Arts Centre and the Environment Sustainability Institute.

The IDSS project has been precursor to the installation of services in advance of the Phase 3 build programme in order to create serviced plots and to future–proof the site through sustainable development.  The proposal was made up of the following work elements:

  • progressing design to achieve an outline planning consent for the Phase 3 development;
  • progressing detailed design to achieve detailed planning consent for the infrastructure works;
  • implementation of an Energy and Sustainability Strategy;
  • OJEU tendering and selection for consultant and contractor frameworks;
  • construction of temporary/permanent car park;

The master plan provided the context for this project in relation to Phase 3 development which included the educational and academic research facilities referred to above as well as the commissioned Tremough Innovation Centre (TIC). The expansion also required student accommodation and associated infrastructure to support an additional 1,500 under graduates allowing the campus to support 5,000 students in total. 

The implementation of an Energy and Sustainability Strategy will include additional targets for the delivery of super insulated buildings, renewable energy, rainwater harvesting as well as infiltration drainage systems. These targets have been incumbent on any new build projects and wherever possible existing buildings and infrastructure need to be upgraded to a similar standard.