Business support

Set up by Stafford Sumner in 2003 Jarrang is a specialist in digital marketing company based in Falmouth.

The Team at Jarrang

Stafford has grown his company over the last nine years with the help of European Regional Development Fund(ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF).

This Grant for Business Investment (GBI) is a business development project designed to facilitate growth by investing in new business development specifically sales & marketing that will increase the client base and to recruit staff who can be trained to deliver the work.

It will:

  • Create 12 new skilled jobs and safeguard 4 others
  • Secure the longevity of the business by investing in the development of innovative services
  • Help the business move in to larger premises over the course of the project
  • Enable income and net profit growth targets to be achieved over a 3 year period
  • Increase capacity to provide value added services in an otherwise commodity driven market
  • Assert the company as a market leader in innovation, service delivery and quality

Convergence assistance is being provided through the Grant for Business Investment Strategic Investment Framework which has been established to support the expansion, modernisation and diversification of businesses, typically through acquisition of key assets such as buildings, plant and machinery – creating jobs, raising business productivity and raising skills levels

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