Mojo Maritime Ltd

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Mojo Maritime Ltd aims to develop a low motion floating platform for the marine renewable energy industry, capable of carrying site analysis equipment such as Lidar (light detection and ranging).

At present Lidar equipment has to be fitted to platforms fixed to the seabed in order to ensure sufficient measurement confidence at significantly higher cost than anticipated from the floating platform.

This GBI project looks at the final design, local fabrication, deployment, testing and decommissioning of Mojo Maritime’s low motion platform.

The platform would incorporates an innovative retractable ballast system (for which the company has a patent pending), which would enable low draft in port and in transit, whilst having sufficient draft required for stability at site.

As a result of the retractable ballast system, the platform can be "tuned" both to the wave climate in which it would be deployed, and the specific Lidar "payload" which would be carried, thereby allowing for large scale production rather than site-specific design and production.

Given the fact all offshore wind projects require a significant amount of reliable site analysis data to receive financial backing; this project is directly geared towards lowering the costs associated with achieving the UK’s renewable energy targets, with a direct focus on offshore wind.