Penzance and Newlyn Masterplan


The Penzance and Newlyn Area Masterplan will set out the vision, comprehensive development strategy and urban design framework to guide future regeneration activity and attract new investment for this area of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

It will highlight key areas of opportunity for economic regeneration and set out action plans for specific sites and buildings.  

Aiming to initiate change and stimulate a ‘knowledge based’ business investment addressing the need to increase employment rates and for more people to be able to access better paid jobs.

Key strategic objectives of the Masterplan are to:

  • Respond to the RES (Regional Economic Strategy) and SIF by expanding the types of sites and premises available, in particular quality office space in order to facilitate the provision of an improved range of good quality, well-paid jobs in Penzance, and thus drive up GVA.
  • Respond to the draft Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) achieving a balance between employment, housing, community facilities and other infrastructure
  • Establish and generate a higher level of investor interest and confidence
  • Provide sustainable transport links within the town and achieve a reduction in the need to travel. This should include improving sustainable transport links to the employment areas; encouraging the provision of public transport facilities to meet the needs of the commuting population; and encourage the adoption of Green Travel Plans whilst recognising specific independent needs e.g. of parents and children, disabled people.
  • Provide for sustainable transport linkages from points of arrival in Penzance to the harbour and Isles of Scilly link, including the consideration of park and ride facilities.
  • Achieve high quality urban and architectural design.
  • Setting standards to ensure that development adheres to sustainability and equality principles, including meeting the challenge of achieving a low carbon economy through the use of renewable energy and energy conservation techniques
  • Achieve a vision and plan that has undergone public consultation and sustainability appraisal in accordance with the principles applying to local development frameworks.