Sector Networks Transition

Business support

The main purpose of this investment was to support the transition of sector networks from the Objective One funding environment to a post Business Support Simplification Programme by April 2009.

The project engaged with a number of sector-based networks:

  • Advanced engineering alliance (including CADI),
  • Creative,
  • ICT,
  • Marine,
  • Food & Drink (technology end)
  • Medical / Health / Biotech via the Cornwall MediPark which already has links with a number of businesses and experience of organising sector specific activity

To achieve the following:

  • Review of existing financial arrangements for network groups.
  • Review of any existing business plans and activities of network groups including identifying elements of IDB activity that should now be the responsibility of Business Link and the transferral of this activity
  • Survey of network members and other businesses
  • Commissioning, review and interpretation of economic data re sectors and their potential
  • Consideration of future network needs
  • Consideration of potential network models including looking elsewhere for best practice
  • Consideration of fit with BSSP
  • Development of exit strategies/sustainable business plans