South West Manufacturing Advisory Service

Business support

Helping small and medium sized businesses improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance through hands-on advice and assistance is essential to the economy of Cornwall & the Isle of Scilly.

South West Manufacturing Advisory Service provide a range of manufacturing services specifically for small and medium sized enterprises.

  • 'Lean thinking' – the elimination of waste and enhancement of productivity and customer value using best practice tools developed in the Japanese automotive industry.

  • Modeling manufacturing processes to identify flow, waste and value

  • 5S and 6 Sigma – workplace organisation, statistical analysis and improvement methodologies aimed at removing waste and variation in processes

  • Team building – using manufacturing simulations and real-time demonstrations to highlight the benefits of team based continuous improvement.

  • Improving layouts and space utilisation

  • Reducing work in progress to release cash, shorten lead-times and release floor space

  • Improving quality and delivery

  • Helping businesses develop and introduce new products and processes using best practice techniques.

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