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This investment will enable The Centre to establish and develop international research into the complex and two-way relationships between the environment and human health.


The Centre (European Centre for Environment and Human Health) in Truro will deliver significant benefits to the county of Cornwall. It will provide a focus for the development of internationally relevant research on the threats, benefits and consequences of the environment and its impact on human health.

All these activities will no only be of great relevance to the people of Cornwall but will also provide great opportunities to the businesses of the county.

By taking a business-focussed approach to these activities The Centre will, from the outset, be seeking business partnerships to explore areas of common interest in research, provide access to the outcomes of research for business exploitation and share expertise and understanding to improve productivity through innovation and the development of new, or support the expansion of existing, knowledge-based businesses.

The University of Exeter Medical School aims to:

  • Establish an internationally competitive and locally relevant research centre in environment and human health
  • Establish a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research environment that is nationally and internationally recognised for the quality of its research, its policy relevance and its integration with the local economy
  • Increase opportunities for the people of Cornwall, and to attract students to Cornwall, to gain high level skills and qualifications in fields relevant to the needs and economy of the County
  • Contribute to the development of the knowledge economy of Cornwall, establishing a reputation for Cornwall as a national centre of expertise on issues relating to the Environment and Human Health

Increase understanding of the inter-relationships between the environment and human health and the economic value that can be derived from this knowledge.

 Information on the second phase of this investment can be found here:

The Centre Phase 2

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