The Engine Room

Business support

Business is changing; currently more social enterprises are being set up than conventional small to medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), three times the start-up proportion of traditional SMEs, with many operating at the intersection between the two – small private companies driven by ethical trading or to deliver a social purpose; social enterprises selling mainstream products but using their profits to support social change. It is a continuum and one that Cornwall is at the forefront of.

The Engine Room will maximise the connectivity and knowledge transfer between social enterprises and SMEs, and in doing so, create jobs and growth, helping Cornwall lead the way in realising the value of social innovation. Run ‘by social enterprise for social enterprise and innovation', assisting 100 fellow enterprises to thrive through bespoke support delivered via Enterprise Hubs and in support of Cornwall as the UK’s first ‘Social Enterprise and Innovation Zone’.

Activities will be delivered through 3 key hubs across the County, allowing social enterprises and SMEs to benefit from individual needs analysis; signposting to existing provision if appropriate; intensive coaching and the specialist support they need to grow, including social market intelligence; social impact; asset transfer; public contracting; supply chain growth; business to business trading.