Tolvaddon Employment Infrastructure

Preparing for infrastructure

The project proposes to reclaim land and service a new business park on land adjacent to the existing Tolvaddon Energy Park situated at the Northern boundary of Pool.

The project has been presented as a package of works consisting of:

  • A new 350 metre-long spine road providing access to traffic to the new Business Park from the west. Access to the spine road from the eastern end will be restricted to buses only to prevent estate traffic entering or leaving the access at the eastern/ Trevenson Moor junction.
  • Two new spur roads servicing plot 2 and plots 4&5.
  • A new bus route incorporating two new bus stops. Buses will be able to join the spine road from both the east and west with access controlled by a bus gate;
  • Offsite Highways Works to ensure that the local road network can cope effectively and safely with the increased traffic movements to and from the site.
  • Improvements to the existing footpaths on the existing access road and a new pedestrian and cycle links between Tolvaddon Estate and Trevenson Moor Road incorporating footways and cycleways.
  • Installation of primary service connection points: power, water and drainage and communications.
  • Remediation/Decontamination including excavation and removal of contaminated material.
  • Environmental Mitigation Measures including removal of Japanese knotweed, landscaping and planting.

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