Clearflow. A case study

The investment provided Clearflow Ltd with one base in United Downs by moving their two operations from Bissoe and Camborne. The 580 sqm of hybrid workspace was built to ‘BREEAM Excellent’ standards.

5 minutes with Mark...
Since moving in 2011 we have really been able to expand our business. Before, we worked from a Portakabin which wasn’t great, too hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, also if customers came to our site it wasn’t the impression we wanted to give for our company. When the opportunity to expand into new premises came about we took advantage of it. Using the ERDF money match funded with our own investment made this new site at United Downs possible.
How is business moving forward?
This business is surprisingly technological; people think it’s just emptying septic tanks, which in part it is. However, when that septic tank is at a beach front property for example which is only accessible at low tide via tractor you suddenly start to wonder if there are beter ways of helping our customers. Since we moved into United Downs and brought our repairs team in house we have been able to develop new innovations to help our team in their everyday work. Some of the equipment in our fleet exceeds £350k and many of the vehicles are worth £100k each, so you can see we have poured immense capital investment into our business.
 Quote form Clearflow
What kind of technology is used?
Tech is all through the business from CCTV cameras in drains, to special equipment we had help buying from the Business Investment for Growth (BIG) fund. This equipment has helped us to work in rehabilitating old drains. Collapsed drains due to age, materials or external issues is a common problem in Cornwall, the equipment allows us to pump up the drain by inserting a lining into it and making it usable again. 
The Team at Clearflow
Customer service is a key asset to the company…
Innovations and customer service has been the backbone of the company, it has allowed us to win large regional contracts against national compe;tors. We recently won a new small drain sewer contract with South West Water. We have also recently had our other contract with South West Water renewed for an unprecedented 7 years until 2020.
Clearflow is a large employer for the region…
Yes, we have a fleet of 70 vehicles and approx. 91 members of staff, the jobs vary greatly from technicians to office administration. We also have two apprentices who have helped us immensely, their work has freed up management time in operations and finance to move us into new areas and for that we are grateful.
The building
2013 into 2014 has been a good year for Clearflow Ltd hasn’t it?
We have been very fortunate to be recognised; we recently fought national competitors to pick up a top award as Environmental Supplier of the year at the South West Water Pure Vision Awards 2014. We have also won ‘The most Dynamic Growth Company’ award at the Cornish Business Awards 2013.
Clearflow investment
What’s next for the company?
We have grown rapidly so we will look to expand to make the most of our contracts to provide the best service for all our customers, it is an excitng time for us!
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More information about Business Investment for Growth (BIG)...
The purpose of the programme is to improve the competitive advantage of high growth Cornish Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's). It is aimed at high value add businesses with a strong track record of performance, operating in national/international growth markets with innovative and competitive products and services. Investments will be between £1,000 minimum and £50,000 maximum on a match-funded basis. It is a competitive fund and all investment decisions will be made by a private sector led panel process.
Find out if your business could apply for funding on the Cornwall Development Company website here: 

Thursday 17 April 2014