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Nick Dixon. Programme Director, Alacrity Falmouth

The Digital Games industry is changing.

Of the 600 or so games companies that are currently listed within the UK, some 60 – 70% of these companies are comprised of 5 or less employees. For those graduates who are leaving game and software development courses in their thousands, little employment opportunities exist in the market.

The onus on educational institutions to provide adequate employment opportunity after graduation is significant. But what do you do when the only opportunities for employment within the sector lie within “self-employment?”

The Alacrity Falmouth programme answers that question.

The programme, established at Falmouth University with the assistance of £1.1 million of ERDF funding, has been established with the mandate of developing high calibre graduates from the field of Digital Applications into entrepreneurs through practical business training and the development of innovative software and technologies. These breakthrough applications and technologies either apply to the digital games sector directly or innovate on existing digital games hardware and software to add new value to related sectors and other industries. This innovative programme is a market-led incubation scheme that works by building businesses to meet known demand arising from global markets.

The Digital Games industry itself is expected to break a global market value of $100 billion in 2015. Companies successful in this industry enjoy extreme high growth, high value opportunities.

Aligned with the correct partner projects, experienced, industry mentoring contacts and with access to appropriate seed-funding – companies that spin out of the Falmouth University Alacrity programme stand to take significant advantage of these growth opportunities, ready to develop and grow a new globally focussed community within Cornwall and the South West – significantly increasing the employment and economic profile in turn.  

Friday 28 November 2014