Fog Horn declares Jubilee Warehouse open!

In true Penryn-style, Jubilee Warehouse will be opened by one of Penryn’s world famous Automata makers, Rob Higgs.

Rob’s “Fog horn”, created for Kneehigh Theatre, will sound at 5pm on Friday 20th June to mark the opening of the redeveloped Jubilee Warehouse.

Jubilee Warehouse provides new high quality workspace to build on the success of Jubilee Wharf, and further consolidates Penryn’s reputation as a hub for creative communities.

Cornish Builders JJJones have ensured the high standard of workmanship throughout and local craftspeople Mark Harris and Scott Woyka have produced beautiful oak furniture for all tenants to enjoy in the communal space.

During the building works a time-lapse film was made, documenting the transformation of the old storage warehouse into 13 high quality accessible workspaces, with a stunning glass-roofed central atrium for tenants to use as a meeting and/or eating space.  As well as a piano and table tennis table, new tenants will benefit from being next door to Jubilee Wharf and the award-winning Miss Peapods Café.

The workspaces created at this riverside location are a variety of sizes, adding to the facilities and community already established at Jubilee Wharf.   The Jubilee Warehouse project is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme.

Special features include:-

  • Glazed central atrium –a central communal area to be used by tenants and visitors to network, eat, drink and meet
  • Shared kitchen facilities, with an over-sized table at the heart of the building – to encourage networking and develop a sense of community amongst tenants
  • Ping-pong table
  • River views for all
  • Electric car charging points
  • Exhibition space in the internal “street”
  • Photo Voltaic panels (PVs) on the roof to generate as much renewable electricity as possible
  • Rainwater harvesting –to flush toilets, reducing the amount of drinking water used by the building, and so also reducing the costs to tenants
  • Under Floor Heating –thermal comfort for the workspaces!
  • External insulation – the old building shell has been retained, insulated on the outside. 

Caroline Cox at RobotMother Ltd, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn TR10 8FG.  T: 01326 374960 E: [email protected]


Note to editors

The Jubilee Warehouse project is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme 2007 to 2013.  The Department for Communities and Local Government is the managing authority for the European Regional Development Fund Programme, which is one of the funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs.  For more information visit

Robotmother Ltd
The ethos of Robotmother and Jubilee Wharf is fully entrenched in low carbon economy, and this is reflected in all work undertaken by Robotmother and evidenced by the reputation and eco-credentials of Robotmother and Jubilee Wharf.  Robotmother has continued to invest time and capital at Jubilee Wharf and has established a reputation as an exemplary landlord, particularly for those in the higher value added creative industries.  We will carry this through to Jubilee Warehouse.

What’s at Jubilee Wharf? 
Jubilee Wharf is an award winning development owned and managed by Robotmother Ltd, with a mixture of housing, workshops, offices and a children’s nursery. Community creation and revitalisation - Jubilee Wharf is a hub for craft makers, with quality childcare onsite from Jumblies Nursery, classes in health & fitness, singing, dancing and much more in the ZedShed, and Miss Peapod’s café for socialising.  Keeping it local - with good public transport links, Jubilee Wharf is nestled in the heart of Penryn making pedestrian access easy.

Built using pioneering techniques of eco-development, and designed by Bill Dunster of ZED Factory, Jubilee Wharf tries to foster community through the range of activities that take place here, within a building that aims to reduce its resource consumption without compromise to the quality of living environment. We think we have succeeded, but here are what others have been saying:
 "In fact the brand new Jubilee Wharf might well be the greenest British building to date." Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian
“Innovative…resulting from a contemporary approach clearly derived from the historical character of the area!" English Heritage

Jubilee Wharf has:-

  • The award-wining Miss Peapods Cafe (Gold winner of Cornwall Tourism 2012 category for cafe/tea-room & 2014 WOCA best small venue))
  • Super insulation - 300mm insulation reduces energy consumption to less than half a conventional building. The starting point for eco-construction.
  • Onsite micro generation - 4 x 6kW Proven wind turbines - energy generation is about doing what you can, where you happen to be. It brings tenants closer to the source of their electricity
  • Solar panels - evacuated tubes for water heating
  • Bio-mass heating – underfloor heating and hot water from a 75KW wood chip boiler bringing tenants closer to the source of their heat
  • Natural ventilation – wind cowls ventilate without the need for electric fans - heat exchangers recover up to 70% heat loss. A healthy building without draughts.
  • Reduced water consumption - low flush toilets, aerated taps, grade A consumption appliances
  • Low VCO paints, low formaldehyde floor coverings, natural fibres and surfaces, PVC only where unavoidable – a healthy environment
  • Using local & reclaimed materials - old floorboards, granite, Cornish cedar cladding and larch soffits, even some unused windows from BedZed
  • Photovoltaic panels - put up in 2010 as part of our efforts to constantly improve, the PVs produce a maximum of 500kw hours/year for each flat.  That’s a total of 3,400kw hours/year.  This will make a total annual carbon saving of just under 2 tons. 
  • The ZedShed – a community space, home to a variety of classes, including yoga, choir , ballroom dancing and many children’s classes

Constant improvements by Robotmother include:

  • Renewables - PV installation to the flats in 2010
  • Art enhancement - Robotmother has a policy of enhancing the site through art, commissioning local artists and designers to have a direct relationship with the buildings and their surroundings.  Check out Ambrose Vevers’ concrete chairs as well as the mosaics, when Jubilee Wharf tenants made tiles for the first phase and all of Yr 7 students at Penryn College made the tiles for the second phase of the mosaic projects.


For more information please call Caroline Cox on 01326 374960 or email [email protected]

Wednesday 18 June 2014