International companies gearing up to support Cornish businesses.

April saw the launch of Superfast Business Support.

This ambitious programme will support Cornish based businesses to transform themselves and their ideas into reality through technology enabled by superfast broadband which is currently rolling out across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Cornish businesses on the programme will benefit from their ideas being given advice and guidance from a specialist panel of international companies from the finance sector, the tech world, higher education institutions and business support organisations. They will approve support and funding for the business and enhance the project by providing potential funding and collaboration recommendations.

The programme kicked off with an energetic round up of technological ideas from guest speaker, Kate Doodson from who said: ‘I think this Programme will help Cornish businesses in the longer term to develop ideas by giving them a significant advantage to leapfrog technology. I hope businesses will sense they are ahead of the game rather than feeling like they have to catch up. Getting inspired is the first step and that is one of the aims of this programme to kick start that thinking process.’

Friday 19 April 2013