Unlocking the potential of superfast broadband.

Unlocking Potential and Superfast Cornwall teamed up this week for a joint “Connect to Compete" event at the Health and Welbeing Centre.

Together the two programmes see the unlimited potential of superfast broadband as the catalyst for business development and growth not only now, but into the future. Kicking off with presentations by Mark Smith, Executive Director, Unlocking Potential and Dr Ranulf Scarbourgh, Superfast Cornwall Programme Director, BT, both directors set out to explain how superfast is already opening up innovative ideas for Cornish businesses with some great examples of Cornish innovation. 

The keynote presentation was given by David Rowan, Editor, WIRED Magazine, who built on the ideas Mark and Ranulf outlined to show the unlimited potential of the superfast fibre network and what it means for the future of Cornish businesses, and that it’s OK to think big with their ideas! 

The businesses who attended the event then had the chance to network and speculate on the ideas given by the presentations before they attended a series of innovative workshops to get them thinking about how they can exploit superfast for their business.

These themes centred on innovation, cloud computing, flexible working and using the web for enhancing marketing and sales. The workshops were presented by real Cornish businesses such as Niddocks and Preston Goldburn to add an element of reality but also to show how it is possible to innovate on any scale even when the network in Cornwall is still being built. 

Case studies

Driftwood Spars


Monday 22 April 2013